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Does the room ever gets clean up? NerdyOtter: Two months. Two fucking months. DJ Jesus. Zoe TheCat: Photolithography - fascinating process. Try Wiki if interested. I think my mind just got blown and is all over the floor. Wouldn't want to mess up your production. The Dollar Guy: A meth addict will strip it down to bare metals in no time.

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They're the reason why I buy foreign brands. Johb D.

Forg: Is this realife? Am I still on earth? Man, you must have a really old computer Sardrellas Two: Can they run Daudre Sandstorm? Christian Madrid: The title should be how cpu work's because a lot of people complain in this video because they don't understand if you want to understand how cpu work's first you need to know what is transistor richgg2: They should make a silica CPU flavored Oreo cookie!

It won't necessarily be on high or ultra but it can do it. That is a mandatory step most never know about. And it further expresses the need for educated minds.

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Silicon, while still functional, is beginning to reach the end of it's "usefulness" as far as speed goes in the CPU world. New materials will need new manufacturing processes.

Light will probably still be needed, but in new currently undiscovered ways. Thank you for posting this video!! Eduardo Baptiske: Hello, does someone know which is the first song played at the video? Spartan But you are in a Hospital that can treat you if you get sick. Vamshidhar O: this is so complicated.. I didn't understand much LastWish And the Dev costs? Ahmad: just waiting for Primitive Technology to make one s1b: Wow that's interesting! I hope they don't end up making more lowered powered electronics than the market needs Only TheBest: Got technology from aliens , humans.

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Dumb stupid Dolly Suman: Bouncer over the head! Zhanchi: How big do you want it to be? Allan Paolo Mejia: Nope.

Globalfoundries makes AMD chips guitarlovernat if they need computers to make a cpu how as the first cpu made? LowB: now how is a Brain made? Why on Earth would a business want to invent a cure and lose out on that kind of money? But they made beautiful 3d abstract animations. There is not enough technical information. Sean Ryan: Why was the chip so sad? Because his brother was a wafer so long! TheDragonfriday: Oh boy a Pokemon battle! Up here Javier Chuez: veri nice AndrosForever: Of course, she was typing: ashfasdhf23h2u43hgt98p4hgfksdfpj4we.

Her easy password. Mr10Residentevilfan: Man, I love science.

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I hope I live to see the day that quantum computers make it to peoples homes, but for now these will do. Technology is awesome. Steff ThePiruska: What? Edison's system was one of decentralized local power generation. You made your own electricity. LOL That statement is meaningless because the operating room is sterile meanwhile this stupid Intel's room is full of virus and bacteria.

The comparison is invalid as he is comparing an apple and an orange. Very stupid. Spartan Thats a good one! Zachary Kendrick: Intel already won. If you're spending more than that on a cooler, you're going to be overclocking, and the best OC gains on CPUs are on Intels. I told him I design chips and I had just flown in from Idaho. He thought I meant potato chips Phill: it seems like every remotely scientific video on youtube has some athiest that barely knows shit about the bible or science, trying to claim that Christianity will take us back to the stone age.

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GOD, the divine God - the Principle itself is unaware of such stuff - Jason: While that is true, it does not make his comment invalid. He can still guess that the video is of AMD. He never said there weren't other possibilities.. You come across as correcting something that wasn't wrong just to be a smart ass. Cynical: Yet we abuse what we create good boy: Except for you But defining patterns is a whole other kettle of fish.

Bit masking is a quite lucrative business indeed. Some hardware developments have actually been steps backwards at times too. Things like speculative out of order execution can lead to performance losses. Pipelining is another dubious advancement too. It works for mainstream interactive software, but is dismal for real time control. Enjoyed it and learned quite abit. Thank you! Daniel Richards: How could anyone give this video a thumbs down? They must be monkeys. Im not even going to get into how all Intel CPUs are already "unlocked" from the factory they just destroy part of the traces to disallow the use of Bios Firmware to adjust the CPU bus multiplier.

Dumb shits!